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An App Guide For Foodies In South Africa

You learn so much about a culture when you try out new cuisines. Food is an experience that connects us all from far and wide, and helps us regain an appreciation for our own roots. The dining options across South Africa offer the perfect combination of the two, bringing locals back in touch with heritage, as well as taking their palates on a journey throughout the continent and to the rest of the world. Foodies are spoiled for choice in this spectacular country, and if you think otherwise, it’s time to discover all the culinary delights that South Africa has in store for you.

Although South Africa may still have reliable websites like Eat Out for restaurant reviews, consumers these days need something more accessible to them when they’re out and about. It’s about using smart platforms now, implementing intelligent technologies to drive a winning business regardless what industry you’re in. Tech giants such as Gaming Realms, the company behind the the money themed slots on Pocketfruity, use data analytics to improve user experience and produce loyal customers, essentially becoming the model for any business strategising for market expansion. Whether they’re in the gaming or food sector, if a company needs a way to increase its number of returning customers, an app is the easiest way to reach out to potentially millions of users.

FotorCreated,While there may be Zomato and other internationally known food apps that are available here, here are some South Africa-specific apps that you may want to download:

Dining Out
Being the first ever online dining guide for South Africa, this app is more than just your average restaurant search engine. Dining Out allows you to filter according to your specific needs, from al fresco dining to venues big enough for functions.

Don’t feel like eating out tonight? Order takeaway on Appetite in a matter of seconds without the hassle of queues or phone calls with this free app. Once you’ve placed your order and paid via the secure electronic payment, users will receive a text of when the food is available for pickup. Delivery is also available.

Cape Town App 2016
If you live in Cape Town (or in the area quite often), Cape Town App 2016 is the mobile version of The Entertainer’s coupon booklet enclosed with Buy One Get One Free discounts on the city’s most amazing wineries, restaurants and bars.

By Heather Brown

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