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Dinner At Plaka The Modern Greek Classic

The last time we were here was in July 2014 and since then there seems to only have been one major improvement with the place and that is the food quality. The service is still pretty mediocre and nothing to get excited about, I swear the waiters here really hate what their jobs and as much as they try to hide it it just ends up showing anyway! Anyway our dinner this time around was super delicious and worth going through that terrible service.

Our seafood orders were all perfectly prepared and the flavouring was well balanced and not overpowering. Really loved their lemon butter sauce with the Calamari and that chilli sauce for the Chicken was fire! Very nice food this time, it was totally special and worth talking about. You guys can read our last review from 2014 here: CLICK ME I DARE YOU. Don’t really have much to say this time around as nothing much has really changed. The prices are still pretty reasonable and you can still take your own wine, you just have to pay a corkage fee.


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