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Roxy’s Cafe Cape Town

Let me just start off by saying I have never ever been in a place this cosy. Roxy’s Cafe was just too much cosyness for me, it was a little bit unsettling to be honest. Just so much going on inside, a decor over kill but great decor nonetheless, the placement just needs to be rearranged a bit. If it wasn’t that cold outside we would have picked the tables outside under the trees and enjoyed the great outdoors. The outside area looks lovely and would make an awesome afternoon hangout spot for drinks with some friends.We decided to not go in the afternoon and went to Roxy’s for dinner but I think we should have just gone for drinks rather and we would have had more fun. Our waiter I must say gave us the best service all evening and even convinced the chef to make us the lunch menu even though it was closed at that time. She was a rock star. Anyway my friends and I went on to order the Nacho’s & Chicken Wings for starters and the Burgers and Ribs for mains.

To be honest the food was nothing special (chicken was slightly over cooked) which was disappointing because I have heard amazing reviews about the food here. Some say since the change of owner it just hasn’t been the same but I guess I will never know. We were a table of 5 people at a very small table which made eating slightly uncomfortable since we were all so close to each other. Once we were done with dinner we decided to have a couple more drinks and then moved on to our next destination. I found the food to be a bit over priced and the drinks very cheap. I would definitely go back for a drinks sessions in summer so I can enjoy the outdoor area but it’s definitely not for big groups in winter, not enough space inside. IMG_0990



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