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Jarryds Espresso Bar and Eatery Sea Point

You’re definitely not going to sleep when a foodie tasks you with choosing a perfect place to have breakfast at. The pressure is too much because you don’t want to eat food that won’t inspire you to write a beautiful blog. I spent 30 minutes online the night before trying to find a place where we can have amazing breakfast and Jarryds was one of them. It took us a bit of time to locate it but when we laid our eyes on it, it was love at first sight. Yes, really. It’s that deep.

The place looks beautiful and chic, very modern and I was imagining myself in London but I was in Cape Town. It has a hypnotic vibe that makes you want to stay long and we were welcomed by the amazing Arthur who became our waiter for the morning. I don’t even recall the last time I had an amazing cappuccino, that’s when I knew Jarryds was one of the best decisions I ever made this year. Miss AverageSA and I ordered the same meal which was a problem because we won’t have a variety for the blog but what was I supposed to do when something looks yummy? Our Heart Smart Egg White Open Omelette with Parmesan, mushrooms, avocado salsa, roasted cherry tomatoes + rocket salad arrived a few minutes after we ordered. It was the best mouthgasm ever, I didn’t even realise how much I love avos until i tasted it with the mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes. They were not exaggerating when they said “Just a little something to get your mouth watering”. IMG_0494

I was also quite impressed by the level of excellence in their service and how everyone kept checking up on us to find out if we were still okay with a few catch up sessions in between their duties. Our waiter, Arthur was a star, an amazing lad that loves his customers.

As it says on their website, “Good Coffee. Good day. Great coffee. Jarryds.” That’s the best way you could describe the espresso bar + eatery and a big shout out to Blayne for checking on us even though he wasn’t serving us. We had one main waiter and two other amazing waiters at our table every few minutes, It must be Miss AverageSA’s beautiful smile that got us all the attention and one of the guys morally supported her by having a shot of ginger together. It was stronger than anything I’ve ever tasted, but then again, the saying goes “life is all about the experiences and today was an experience of a lifetime.” You can look at spending R250 for two which is beyond reasonable for all the amazingness you get here! AWESOME 5 STAR Espresso Bar!

By Lebogang Mgiba (@Lebza4Sho) currently on a Bloggers holiday with the Average South African Blog …

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  1. One of my favourite breakfast places! Luckily my flat in Sea Point is a 2 minute walk away. I was there last time in town, March and put pics on Instagram. Will definitely be going back when I return to town next week – can’t wait.

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