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My Morning’s First Thought

My eyes awaken and peek at the day’s hopeful light
And I’m greeted by your promising face
Your presence has a depth and warmth so tangible I can feel your soul
It’s as if you’ll lean over and offer a warm, enduring embrace

The half curved smile on your face entraps me in cute weakness
Your touch has a tender voice surely only I can hear
Your imposing scent punishes my willing senses
I want nothing more than to close my eyes and bask in the moment

Thoughts of you are beautiful and impulsive
Like rain they’re involuntary and powerful
Rushing in unushered
As day and night do

With each day, my swirling emotions swell
And then I realise it’s all in my thoughts
You’re not a part of my picture

Not anymore
You barely made the fragile frame
All these exotic colours and not on resembles you
You exist only as the final stamp to a chapter I’ve journeyed on
Your footprints have rubbed off the ground
Leaving only mildly recogniseable art where your feet once walked.

By Phathu Musitha
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