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The Gin Box, Misty Hills

Nothing like some good old hearty pub food to lift ones mood and this is exactly what the Gin Box at Misty Hills Country Hotel offers. Dinner here a couple nights ago was well worth it. They have everything from healthy salad, great soups and delectable desserts! Our options for the night ranged from soup to a very delicious potjie. If you are staying at Misty Hills then make sure to try it out. The service is stellar and the food is divine. Look at spending R350/$30 for 2.

Meals to try out:
Indian Lemon and Coriander Soup.
Prawn Salad.
Bacon, Cheese, Avo, Pesto Sandwich.

5 thoughts on “The Gin Box, Misty Hills

  1. thanks for sharing! =] the food looks great but i realllyyy like that (what i think is a) crocodile/alligator type thing that is supposed to be a dish? i think. but what ever it is.. its really wonderful.
    i enjoyed your post and next time my family or myself visit south africa, we will be on the lookout for this place.
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    Bon Appetit! =]

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