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Cocktail Making With UncommonGoods

I have always wondered if a glass selection could have an effect on how your drink ends up tasting and making you feel and this past weekend I finally figured out the answer to this, by having a Gin & tonic tasting in different glasses. The simple answer to it all was YES, it totally does. Drinking gin & tonic from a plastic cup/glass will never be the same as drinking it from a stunning glass. Just think about it, would you go with plastic or glass when hosting a dinner? You are more likely to go with the glass, right because plastic can be very tacky while the glass on the other hand is slightly more luxurious. Anyway, lucky for us our friends at Uncommon Goods were kind enough to send us their stunning Bicycle Glasses which we used for our little experiment and the results were exactly what we expected.

Here are some of the mysteries answered by our experiment and why we loved the bicycle glasses:

1. We found that the bicycle glasses captured the perfect amount of aromas from our drink. Whereas other glasses added a tacky glass plastic flavor to the drink.
2. The glass unique design added great colour to the dinner table and was also a great conversation starter. Always go with glasses that have some print on them to get a conversation started in case you are surrounded by boring people LOL – who knew I had so many friends that like cycling.
3. I’ve always found certain printed glasses to not be dishwasher safe but these are the total opposite, the print doesn’t wash off at all even in the craziest heat. Must be because the designers handcrafted and put 100% into making the perfect product (work work work work in my best Rihanna voice)
4. The bicycle glasses are stackable and a pleasure to hold, who knew that holding a glass can make you feel good. What makes me feel even better is knowing that with every purchase $1 gets donated to charity.
5. Making cocktails on our awesome cheese & cracker serving board was fun – We will review the board in our next post (still waiting for the perfect moment to use it) but we found it very handy when making our Gin & Tonic cocktails
6. Stop serving people fancy drinks in ugly cups it’s not pretty at all!

Here is the cocktail recipe for our cute little drink:
Gin (We loved Bombay Sapphire for this recipe)
Tonic Water
Orange Juice
Slice of Orange
Pour the orange juice into the glass and add the gin.
Stir to mix fully, then add ice.
Top with tonic water and stir to combine.
Finish by putting the orange slice over the side of the glass.
FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)

All in all, let’s just say the glasses where a big hit and I am officially a great host πŸ™‚ even though I bought all the food LOL…

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